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Buying a Franchise Vs Building a Business

Building a business from scratch can often be a daunting task, but it doesn't need to be that way. There are a large number of successful New Zealand franchises that offer the opportunity to join an established business model and benefit from the franchise buying power. The challenge that most of these new franchise owners face, is the excessive initial investment and large corporate influenced monthly fees.

At Pzazz Building we are different. We focus on providing a business opportunity that doesn't cripple you financially and will guide you to generate real returns. We keep the initial investment as small as possible, removing that barrier to entry faced with many NZ franchises and to allow you to invest your profits back into the success of your business. 
We operate as a business partnership, leveraging our buying power, marketing and expertise in business management, to allow you to focus on running the business in your local area while maximising your return on investment. 

We will provide you with everything you need from uniforms and marketing through to a full cloud based business management package as a way to ensure that your steps into business are as easy as possible regardless of your background.

If you want to buy a franchise, look at what the Pzazz Building group can offer before you make your decision.
Pzazz Franchise Director Russell Poole

"After working for Fix It Building Services for four years, I grabbed the opportunity to buy in and run the business."

"Now we have launched Pzazz Building because it more accurately describes the passion and flair we put into renovation, additions and alterations projects."

Russell Poole
Managing Director
Nuovo Group Ltd

It's all in the name: Pzazz Building

Pzazz Building is a business specialising in home renovations, additions and new homes.  Although Pzazz is a new name in the New Zealand market, it has a strong pedigree. Having sprung from the Fix It Building Services franchise, a residential and commercial building network with a track record stretching way back into the 1990s.

In 2012, the decision was made to establish a whole new business specialising purely in home renovations, alterations and additions.  The name 'Pzazz' was chosen because it better captured the spirit of a whole new way of building. And a whole new way of building a building company. Since then the franchise has grown into a nationwide business opportunity in the home renovation industry.

What do we stand for?

n. Informal
1. Dazzling style, flair, design
2. Vigorous spirit, energy or excitement

Yes, we are about good building. Yes, we are about quality and durability. But we are also about design. 
Bringing good building and good design together to create a whole new point of difference for our builders in the marketplace.
Pzazz Building Franchise NZ

Don't just take our word for how good the Pzazz business opportunity is... Hear What Our People Have To Say.

A 30 year veteran of the building industry on both sides of the Tasman Peter has built a successful business in sunny Nelson and has a great work / life balance – hear what Peter has to say about Nuovo Group and the Pzazz business franchise opportunity.

What about the end clients?
How do they find the Pzazz experience?

See how the Pzazz investment opportunity stacks up

An investment in a Pzazz Building business is a long-term investment. That's why we'd prefer you to use the capital you have to build and grow your business rather than give it to us. It's why we've kept our Initial Fee right down to just a $5,000 sign on fee with two options for payment of the balance. And in return, we'll give you almost $68,000 worth of value.

You may be wondering why this Fee is so low (much lower than any building services franchise) and why we give so much in return.

There are 3 Good Reasons why our Initial Investment is so low:

One: It is much more important to get the right business owners on board than the wrong business owners who just happen to have a lot of capital.
Two: By giving you a 'leg up' when you first start your Pzazz Building business, we allow you to invest your money in your business, not our business - giving you the best possible chance of success.

Three: We provide two options to secure the on-going rights to enable you, if you choose, to finance your full purchase through profits gained from the business.

You'll find it actually costs you less to start up with Pzazz Building than to start your own stand-alone building business!

Target Turnover: $250,000 - $720,000 per year within 12 months of start up

Naturally, your business's turnover will also depend on your efforts and abilities, but with our brand, systems and support you'll get an amazingly powerful kickstart into the kind of business you've always dreamed of owning. We will support you from the beginning and can help you realise your turnover goals with our years of experience in the renovation industry.

Target Gross Profit: 30 - 35% of Turnover

The renovation industry offers higher potential margins than most other parts of the building industry, but only if you have effective marketing, sales and business systems in place. As a Pzazz Building owner, you'll have access to all the tools you need to make greater profits - including technology to help you with pricing, quote preparation and financial control.

Target Net Profit: 15 - 20% of Turnover

Believe it or not, many business owners have no idea about their NP - the amount of money they get to keep in their pockets once all the costs of labour, materials and expenses have been paid - until they receive their annual accounts from their accountant. By that stage, it's too late to do anything about any problems that may have come up during the financial year, and many business owners find themselves in a loss situation. 
In contrast, Pzazz Building owners know where they stand at any point in time, thanks to our unique Financial Management System. As a result, they're able to achieve profits that other builders can only dream about.

Target Sale Price of Business: 1 - 3 times Net Profit

The problem with most building businesses is that they are not true businesses at all - they're just a job for the owners. Without the owners, there is nothing really to sell, except perhaps for some forward work. 
A Pzazz Building business will not only provide you with forward work, but also the brand, marketing and systems required to build a more valuable business - a business you can sell for healthy capital gain.
Ready to take charge of your future with Pzazz?
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