New way of renovating

Welcome to a whole new way of renovating.

Why has Pzazz Building chosen to specialise in renovations, additions and alterations? Quite simply, because that's where the money is in the building industry.

1. They offer bigger profits, especially through Design

'You weren't the cheapest, but we've decided to go with you anyway.' How many times have you heard that in your time as a builder? Some builders hear it all the time. They're the few who understand the difference between price and value. And they understand the value of a brand, marketing and sales, all of which Pzazz combines into a unique package together with Design, enabling us to capture greater profits in an industry that already boasts higher profit margins than new house building and commercial construction.

2. They're always in demand

While demand for new houses and commercial construction may ebb and flow, demand for additions and alterations has continued to be strong, even during the recession. That's because we New Zealanders are a nation of home improvers. We love our homes, and we all aspire to better homes and lifestyles. Which usually means better bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, family rooms and indoor-outdoor flow.
And while many of us consider ourselves to be do-it-yourselfers, it's a fact that most of us simply don't have the time, skills, knowledge of the building code, or design flair. That's where Pzazz Building comes in.

3. Better cashflow

Because renovation, alteration and additions projects generally take less time and resource, the builders and other trades aren't tied up for as long as they would be on a new home or commercial construction project, so they're paid quicker and can move on to other jobs. Couple this with Pzazz Bulding's leading edge progress claim/payment scheduling and all projects become cash flow positive with minimal risk of non-payment.

4. More varied and interesting projects

Every project is different and often requires you to think outside the box, so every day is different.

5. Lower capital requirements

Most Pzazz Building renovation specialists are based from home and require little apart from a van or similar vehicle, a computer and the normal tools and equipment required by all builders.

6. Lower overheads

Without the need for commercial premises and a large team of employees, Nuovo group's systems and support overheads are kept to a minimum.

7. Less risk

All of the above mean one thing - less risk and greater security.

8. Greater profits

Normally the lower the risk, the lower the profitability, but this isn't true in the renovations market, where the opportunity exists to enjoy healthy net profits if you have the systems needed to ensure all projects run smoothly.

You don't need much more than a suitable vehicle and a computer to operate a building renovation business.

A combination of little start up capital, low overheads, strong cashflow, higher margins and less risk have made this an attractive and profitable sector of the building industry.

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