Building Business For Sale Waikato

If you are looking for a business opportunity for sale in the Waikato area this may be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Pzazz offers a low initial investment, with large potential profit as long as you have the drive to succeed.
Due to strong local demand flowing on from the housing boom in Auckland, Pzazz Waikato is looking for a new affiliate to manage the Hamilton territory.

From rural properties into the heart of the city, there is significant growth opportunity in the region for both new home builds as well as renovations and house extensions throughout the area. This growing demand for trustworthy renovation businesses allows us to build on our existing business within the area. By joining Pzazz, you have the opportunity to capitalize on this investment opportunity in one of the strongest growing housing markets anywhere in New Zealand.

Waikato Territory Business Opportunity

We are currently looking for motivated business partners to operate the North Waikato territory with Huntly as it’s northern boundary, the Tasman sea as it’s western boundary and state highway 27 as its eastern boundary

All Pzazz Building territories have clear boundaries and allow you exclusive rights to Pzazz business in these areas as well as any adjacent territories not currently occupied.

Expected Profit

When starting with Pzazz Waikato our target is to have you seeing a gross profit of 30-35% of turnover (15-20% net profit)

The renovation market allows for significant return due to having the tools and systems to streamline the process and support your return on investment through strong cash flow.

Initial Investment

Your initial $5,000 investment provides you with up to $68,000 worth of value straight away. 
This includes business cards, uniforms and all the essential tools required to get your investment up and running quickly.

For more information on what you will receive for your investment see the Next Steps page for more information.

Resale Value

The Hamilton property market continues to be supported by a boyant Auckland market. This is causing more demand each year for renovation of existing homes. 

The value of your business asset is set up to grow and ensures a significant capital gain over your time with us.

Expected Turnover

Targeted business's turnover for someone with the right skills will be between $250,000 - $720,000 per year within 12 months of start up.  

This range is what existing business partners are seeing across our established regions currently and we see Pzazz Hamilton growing at a significant rate.

Inquire about joining the Waikato pzazz team

Yes,please contact me and provide me with full information on the Pzazz Building Business Opportunity as described in the Due Diligence Process.
I understand this places no obligation on me to proceed with a Pzazz Building Business and I am free to pull out of the process at any stage.
I acknowledge that all documents and other information provided to me by Nuovo Group, the owners of Pzazz Building, are and remain the property of Nuovo Group and I agree to treat it in the strictest of confidence and not give it or divulge any of it to anyone else or any other organisation without the written approval of Nuovo Group.
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