Word from the Managing Director

How Pzazz grew out of a New Zealand success story

We're the new force in New Zealand building. Join us.

I'm Russell Poole, Managing Director of Nuovo Group, the owner of both Pzazz Building and Fix It Building Services.

I believe Pzazz Building is an exceptional and exciting opportunity for visionary builders who want more than just another building business. We're looking for a select breed who recognise the value of design as well as brand, marketing and systems. We're looking for builders with a bit of flair and energy. In other words, builders with pzazz.

We're offering a ground floor opportunity with a twenty-year track record

Pzazz Building was founded in 2012 with the vision of being the new force in New Zealand building, but the business expertise and systems on which Pzazz is built have already been well proven.

That's because Pzazz Building was born out of an existing building services system. Fix It Building Services dates back to 1991 when a Tauranga home builder realised that repair and renovation work is where the money is in the building industry. So instead of continuing to build houses and risking his shirt, he started specialising in residential and commercial building maintenance.

When the new century began, the rights to the businesses brand and systems were purchased, initially by Carters, the building suppliers, and then by the owners of Signature Homes and Robin La Pere, a franchise consultant. The business was initially franchised and quickly grew into New Zealand's first nationwide trade-based building services franchise. Today the network operates under an Affiliate model that better represents the co-operative nature of our group.

We've created a better name based on our good name

As Fix It Building Services reputation for quality and service grew, so did the type of projects we were being asked to undertake by our clients. Increasingly, we became involved in bathroom, kitchen and other types of renovations, and in alterations and additions to houses. Trouble was, the name 'Fix It' didn't lend itself to these kinds of projects.

That's why, in 2012, we came up with a new name, Pzazz, that more accurately described the special flair and style we brought to renovations. We developed a new system, Pzazz Building, to differentiate this type of business from Fix It Building Services. And we started partnering with interior and other designers to lock in our competitive advantages in the market.

I knew smart builders would be looking for an edge

I started with Fix It Building Services as a senior manager in 2004, having initially trained as a fitter and turner and then moving into project management and then senior and general management roles. 

When I was offered the opportunity to take an equity stake in the business, I jumped at the chance. I knew that, even when the building industry wasn't booming, there would always be a strong demand for Fix It's services.

I also knew that with the variable nature of the new home market, more New Zealand builders would follow the money and move into the renovation part of the building industry. I knew smart builders would be looking for an edge in a more competitive market, a way of standing out from the competition.

That's why we created Pzazz Building, and I am delighted and proud to offer you the opportunity to join our team of visionary builders who have taken advantage of this amazing business opportunity.

Russell Poole 
Managing Director
Nuovo Group Limited

"Back in 2003, my business partners and I saw a gap in a $4 billion market, and bought Fix It Building Services from Carters.

Our growth has proven us right, and paved the way for the development of the exciting new Pzazz Building concept."

Robin La Pere
Nuovo Group Ltd

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